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Is This Nesting?

Good Monday to you!  How was your weekend? Do anything fun?  I think I’m nesting already, isn’t it too early for that???  That’s how I/we spent our Sunday, nesting – a.k.a. deep cleaning.

First, let’s start with Friday.  I received an email from Brennan’s teacher letting me know he failed his hearing test last week at school. Great.  What did that mean?  I did what I do best – panicked!  Then I came to my senses and remembered that Bren was fighting off a cold and was still pretty congested on Tuesday when they did the test.  Ok, deep breath and relax.  So I called his doctor and got him an appt.  She looked in his right ear first and saw what was a minor ear infection, either one coming on or leaving.  The left ear was just waxy.  So right off the bat she ordered him a prescription for Amoxicillin.  Then they did an ear test.  It’s supposed to look like an upside down V but his came back as a flat line on both ears.  She said not to worry, we’ll do it again in 4-6 weeks and it will more than likely be normal.  So until then I’m not worrying. 

Meanwhile, Andy had an appt with his doctor that afternoon.  His doctor told him if you’re not a runner by the age of 30 not to start.  What???  That totally depressed me.  I really want to learn to run after the baby is born and by then I’ll be 32!  I can’t decide if I should listen to what he said or resolve to try harder.  I guess there’s a reason he says that, health-wise, and I don’t want to hurt myself or cause myself problems.  BUT!  I WANT TO RUN!!!  IDK, do I really want to run or is this just how I think I can lose weight?  I need to think about that a little more.

And now to my nesting, or whatever it was.  it might be easier to just list what all we did.

  • pulled out the washing machine and cleaned underneath it
  • pulled out the dryer and cleaned underneath that
  • pulled everything out of the cupboards above the w/d, washed those out, pitched excess/junk, re-organized it and added stuff from the laundry room coat closet…
  • …that we pulled everything out of, vacuumed and mopped the floor, removed excess shoes and coats, pulled everything off the shelves and found new homes for and made a plan to finally make it into this:


  • pulled out the stove, cleaned underneath it and washed the sides down (didn’t know I was that sloppy of a cook!)
  • made a batch of chocolate chip cookies that I can’t stay out of

I think that’s it.  And we didn’t get to pulling the fridge out and cleaning underneath and inside of it.  Oh well, next weekend, right?! Ha ha, my husband is so sick of cleaning!  Maybe we’ll put that off and go get our supplies to finish the closet off.  The above picture is the base for what we’re doing but we’re also combining that image with another one we really liked too.  So no drawers below the bench, that will be open for shoe storage.  And a few other minor tweaks.  But I am so excited to finally be doing this, I’ve been drooling over this idea for about a year now!  Before and after pics will definitely be posted!

I should say Sunday was the perfect day for us to be stuck inside cleaning.  We had an ice storm here in Iowa so we weren’t leaving this house for anything short of a medical emergency.  Today is supposed to be in the 40’s, Tuesday in the upper 50’s with a chance of thunderstorms! Crazy weather!

So tell me about your weekend!



  1. Weather is weird here too, freezing rain and by this afternoon it should be in the 50's. Weird. Love the closet idea!

  2. Dang I wish I was nesting already! Also I'm pretty sure my hubs would LOVE me again! Ha he loves me but I think he's getting tired of helping me clean!

    That sucks what your doc told you but I know I TON of people that didn't start running until after they were 30...

  3. I think that the dr. is telling your hubby a load of crap. I didn't start running until last year right after my 38th birthday and I wasn't healthy and active before then, either. I have lost 30 lbs and feel better than I have in a long time. I would go with a second opinion.

  4. Second opinion lady!

    oh and come organize my closets k thank bye!

  5. I am going to go with YES this is nesting.. LOL... I am sorry but that doctor can SUCK IT. In my not so professional opinion you can start ANYTHING at ANY age.

  6. Yep, that doctor sucks!
    I call BS on his ass!