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Hey all! Sorry I was absent yesterday, our internet provider had some issues and we were thrown back to the early 80’s for the entire day!!! I went nuts!  Seriously, how did I become so dependent on the internet?  Luckily I have my phone so I could still check FB 5000 times during the day, check Instagram 6000 times and check email, although I hate typing on my phone because I fat finger it and it takes me 10x’s longer to type on there than on here.  So, that is why I was absent.

So tell me, are you dependent on being connected to the world wide web?  They talk about people needing to take a vacation from being wired in and I always think “yea, I could live without my phone and internet for a week” but after one day I was going nuts, and was only half disconnected!  Could you hack it?  And why are we so dependent on this stuff?


Today is a snow day here in Iowa.  Schools are closed so I have both boys home today.  It is ten till 8 and so far they have fought, argued, talked back, been in timeout and pretty much pushed 3/4’s of my buttons.  It’s going to be a long day!  They have also played Legos, built puzzles, played the game Life and colored pictures.  All of that in the last hour.  They are going to run out of things to do!  Luckily I have a project in my back pocket that we’ll work on once I finally get out of my jammies, brush my hair and teeth and get off my lazy duff.

The wind is blowing pretty strong, about 25 mph, so that means the snow is blowing and drifting, a nightmare for those who live in the country or have to drive in the country to get to work in town (98% of the the people in this little town).  And that means the boys will come in with wind burned cheeks after playing out in the new snow.  The good news is it’s pretty.  I did love the near 60degree temps yesterday morning (I was able to open up the windows and air the house out, I love to do that mid-winter) but since it is still January – barely – I think the snow is pretty.

And one last thing – it’s almost my birthday month!!!  I celebrate my birthday all month long so I call it my birthday month.  Woot woot!  I love February!  Besides my birthday, it’s also my brother-in-laws, my dad’s,  and Valentine’s Day.  But the best part is my birthday.  Not because it’s my birthday, but because it’s also my dear, sweet little Grandma’s birthday that day too!  Yep, my Dad’s mom and I share our special day!  She passed away almost 4 years ago but I still feel so special to share the day with her.  Anywhoo, I can’t wait for February!!!

Have a wonderful, fantabulous day!  I hope you weren’t affected by those nasty storms down south!  Be safe out there!



  1. It is a snow day here too! But I am at work. There is not really any snow yet but it did sleet early this morning. Grandma gets to entertain my boys for the day! Have a great day and try not to pull your hair out!! LOL!

  2. LOVE birthday months!!!!!!

    I put go without technology for a day on my 30 before 30 its- we will see!!!