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2 Things

Hey there!  How was your weekend?  Mine was good, went by too fast.  Saturday we went to watch our niece play flute in the Middle School Honor Band she tried out to get in to.  It was a good concert, and the boys did great sitting quietly and watching.  After the concert we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to help with my wings craving.  They were just okay, they had too much crunch on the outside.  Sunday we went for a drive to a farm store and had a fun afternoon together as a family.  We actually ended up meeting my sister’s family at Applebee’s for lunch because they were in the same town for a wrestling meet.  So I got wings there, too!  And those were AMAZING!!!  And, after reading this you can tell our ‘no eating out for the month of January’ has gone down the toilet.  Oh well, better luck next time. 

So today I woke up to two things.  Here’s the first one:


Below zero temps!!!  Brrr!!!  It’s not supposed to break the 10 degree mark today and we are in a wind chill warning, those will run 10 to 20 degrees below zero most of the day.  A good day to stay inside and snuggle! And surprise surprise, we got close to an inch of snow yesterday afternoon when all they promised was flurries.  So it looks as cold as it feels!

And number two:


Holy smokes, where did that preggo belly come from??? It literally popped out overnight!  It wasn’t there Friday and I don’t believe I noticed it being that far out Saturday or Sunday.  So that was quite a (fun) surprise!  One good thing about that big ol’ belly is it makes my boobs looks a little smaller.  Or more proportioned to the rest of me, maybe.  Those girls are HUGE and getting bigger by the day!  Ha ha!  The joys of pregnancy (and being big chested to begin with).

So wings two days in a row and guess what, I’m craving them right now!!!!  Ahhh!  I’m a wing eating monster! My Progresso soup isn’t going to taste that great in an hour when I heat it up, is it?  Have any of you tried the Progresso Light soups?? Under 80 calories per serving.  I just got some this morning at the grocery store, going to give them a try.  I’m a wimp about eating soup from a can, I’m afraid of all the veggies floating in there.  But I’m going to try it.  I got a Chicken Rotini Vegetable one, Santa Fe Chicken (kind of looked like Chicken Tortilla soup) and plain old Chicken Noodle.  Wish me luck that I don’t gag through the whole thing!

Have a fun, fantabulous week!  Oh, and for some crazy reason I decided to join Instagram, so look me up.  My username is HomemadeHappenings. 



  1. I eat Progresso soups a lot for lunch... more filling and better than a Lean Cuisine, I figure. They're so easy to grab in a pinch so I eat them and usually eat the light ones. They're good. The Vegetable Italiano one is my favorite!

  2. I have been craving wings recently!
    But I'm not pregnant!!
    Love the baby bump! I think I'm starting to get some baby fever....
    Just added you on Instagram!! :) I'm @kbeavtann

  3. Your bump is so cute!! Just added you on IG. I have those soups. They are ok. The mushy celery I eat around :-)

  4. Adorable baby bump! I craved wings like crazy with my last pregnancy too. =)

  5. Look at the wittle bitty bump! I am looking you up on instagram now. :)