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Weekend Rewind

Before I recap my weekend I have to tell you about how cruddy my past week was.  It started Tuesday when I went in for a full body skin check. They found something to remove, pretty sure it's nothing but better be safe than sorry.  So they removed that and I have 2 stitches now.  Wednesday I had my 3 hour glucose test and was poked 4 times for a blood draw. Thursday I had some cruddy stomach virus that left me laying on the couch all day while Tate took care of me.  Friday night we started moving my sister's family and I pulled my 'belly' by trying to help save the guys' lives from the deep freeze - I ached and ached all night after that.  Saturday was moving day, the big Iowa vs Iowa State football game and a party to attend - Andy was at the game so I went it all alone with the boys.  I was exhausted and just not myself that day. And then last night.  Last night I tripped going into the kitchen, fell like a big old dead tree and landed hard.  My knees took most of the blow but I did land on my belly a little, too.  I just laid there, paralyzed with fear.  What had I just done?    All 4 of my boys came running, Tate lay down on my legs to take care of me, Aiden and Brennan kept asking if I was ok.  It was so scary.  Long story short, we ended up going to the hospital to be monitored.  Baby Girl was very active, the whole time, and her heartbeat was great, the oxygen flowing to her was perfect and they released me after and hour and a half with orders to take it easy and rest for the next few days.  I slept awful last night, partly because of that and partly because I have one hellacious cold going on.  This morning she has been very busy again and I have my 30 week check up this afternoon, which will be good to have yet another check to make sure I didn't hurt her or this pregnancy.  Some extra prayers would sure be appreciated.

Now my recap -

Friday night we helped get my sister's family  moved to their new home.  They bought a pretty little acreage that has a barn and a 120+ year old farmhouse.  The view is amazing, looks over their pond and a little timber area.  That night we just moved their bed and the kid's beds, the deep freeze, a couch and recliner and few odds and ends to allow them to stay their that night.  Tate grabbed ahold of my niece's baby doll so he held it and loved on it the whole way out to their new place (about a 15 minute drive).  So sweet!

Saturday they moved the rest of their stuff.  They are keeping their current home, too, where my sister does in-home daycare, so it's kind of nice that we didn't have to haul every single thing from their house to the new place.  It was a gorgeous day, perfect temps in the high 60's, sunshine - we unloaded everything by 12:30, ate lunch then spent the rest of the time there outside.  The kids tried fishing in the pond, my mom and sister weeded the flower beds that were overgrown, I unwrapped all of her china and got that put away in her hutch.  The boys and I left about 3:30 and headed home quick to grab a few things before going to a friend's party to watch the big Iowa vs. Iowa State game.  I honestly hate this game - so much negativity thrown back and forth between people.  The party was fun, Iowa won (Go Hawks!) and it was time for us to head home. Tate's teeth are moving again so he was not feeling himself, plus he needed a bath after playing at Auntie's house in the dirt all afternoon. :)

This also happened Saturday -- 30 weeks!!!

Sunday I got up early to bake 2 pies for our church's annual Fall Festival.  It smelled like Thanksgiving in here!  The boys started religion classes for the year.  We picked them up and headed to town for the Fall Fest and lunch.  This year we didn't stay for the auction, the big money maker, because we had stuff to get done around here.  Of that whole list we only got one thing done - cleaning up the garden.

It was another gorgeous Fall afternoon, we ended up with an entire wheelbarrow full of ornamental gourds!

We hauled the garden waste to the dump, came home and I did nothing but blow my nose and take a nap.  Andy and the boys watched the Bears vs. Packers game, poor Bears lost again.  We were just lazy, which felt good for a change.  That's when my big fall happened and the rest of the evening was spent at the hospital.  Thank Heaven for my mom, she came running when we called and took the boys for us.  So glad it ended well, this could have been a completely different post.

And now for a new week! Lets hope this one is less taxing on me! :)

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  1. Girl you need to take it easy and take care of you and princess. I thought about e-mailing or texting you this weekend since I hadn't heard from you but I figured you were busy. I was sending my thoughts and hoped everything was ok. Get some rest and put your feet up....

  2. Goodness, prop your feet up and take it easy!!
    Also - please send some of that Fall this way.

  3. Take it easy Erin! I am so glad you and baby girl are okay!!!.

    And those gourds!!! Holy moly! I'm jealous!! I have a thing about baby gourds!