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Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday!  Sorry I'm late in posting today, I was busy with family this weekend and didn't take the time to get my post written.

Gosh, I guess my weekend started clear last Friday!  I dropped the big boys at school then high tailed it to town to pick up my aunt, grandma then out to my mom's house to get her.  We all headed south to a big craft show we go to the Friday of Labor Day weekend every year.  It was HOT and HUMID that day.  We got there and parked in our usual parking lot.  The emptiness of the lot should have given us a hint that the crowd was going to be small but I don't think any of us put two and two together.  We walked over to the town square where the craft show was and got to it.  I had one booth I absolutely HAD to stop in - it's a girly booth I've passed by every year, full of headbands and bows and barrettes.  Not this year, though, this was my year to stop and take my town oogling over all the pretties.  On our way to that booth we noticed a few empty spots, even commented on the fact that there were open spots where in years past there never have been.  We get around to the side where 'my booth' always sets up and guess what - it's gone!  There's a big empty hole there.  What?!?  I was crushed!  I gave myself a little hope that maybe they had moved to another spot on the square, but no, there weren't up there and neither was any other bow booth.  Talk about disappointed!  I wasn't the only one disappointed in the lack of booths, either.  The mum booth wasn't there, there was only one winery there with a booth and taste samples, another booth my aunt was specifically looking for wasn't there, either.  I'm not sure what happened, if people thought it was too hot to be up there, or if they don't make money at that craft show anymore, or if the show raised prices on spots - whatever the deal, it was disappointing and if they don't get filled back up next year or the year after we might stop going.  What a bummer!

We left the square and walked down to a store that sells repurposed and refinished furniture.  It was neat to look around but super pricey!  Then we headed back to the square to grab lunch at a pizza restaurant there.  Has anyone from the Midwest ever heard of Breadeaux Pisa?  (Des??)  We used to have one in my hometown and once it closed it was such a disappointment.  That was actually where Andy had his first job, way back when!  My friend and I used to drive by there stalking him, hoping that I could catch a glimpse up him tossing up a pizza crust in the back. :)  Anyway, we had lunch there then headed back to town.  We were so hot, the weather was miserable!

Saturday my mom, sister and I went on our annual Back to School shopping trip.  We tried a different town that has a Kohl's and Target, thinking those are the 2 main stores we usually hit up anyway.  We were super disappointed and won't be doing that again.  Plus they didn't have any great deals, which usually on Labor Day weekend there are sales everywhere you look!  Another reason we were disappointed.  I did get Aiden 4 pairs of what I call comfy pants, Bren got 2 pairs, Tate got 1. Tate also got a long sleeved shirt but I didn't see any shirts for the big boys that they would like.  My mom got the kids' Christmas jammies so she can mark that off her list already.  And the Princess got to 2 sets of tights - one for this winter, one for the next.  I couldn't pass up the ones for next winter, I had the exact same tights when I was little except mine had red hearts instead of the pink ones I bought PG.

We were on a deadline to get back home by 4:30 so when I got here I loaded up Andy and the boys and we headed to town to grab a few groceries.  Nothing exciting there.  But I did finally get to meet my cousin's baby boy, Finn, when I stopped by my aunt's to grab somethings.  What a sweetie!  Baby girl was kicking and wiggling while I was holding him, she must have been excited to meet her playmate!  Then my aunt took him out to the car where the boys were waiting and Tate got to give Finn a sweet little kiss and rub his little head.  It was so sweet, Tate was in awe of that little baby!  Can't wait for him to meet Princess Grace!!!

Sunday we cleaned up the house and prepared lunch for my family who was coming over for Sunday Dinner.  Andy grilled some BBQ chicken, which turned out great.  My sister brought her yummy Tomato Bread Salad and my mom brought a pumpkin spice cake, perfect for those craving a little bit of fall food.  We stuffed ourselves then I gave my dad a haircut and whacked my sister's hair off.  It was a nice, relaxing afternoon with family.  We ended the day watching football and breaking my heart over what happened on Bachelor in Paradise.  I still haven't watched last night's finale so please don't spoil it with a comment!! Thanks!

Monday we ran to Menards to grab a few things for the basement.  Andy sanded some trim and then I painted it.  I mowed the lawn, Andy trimmed, then we headed inside to get out of the humidity.  Andy finished the suspended ceiling in the basement bathroom and I started working on hanging things on the boys' walls.  We are so close to getting things all buttoned up down there, then I'll finally get to do an 'after' post.  Finally!

For supper Andy's family came over.  We grilled burgers and had a few sides to round out the meal.  It was still a little humid but not quite as hot so we were able to sit out on the deck finally.  And Tate was let outside to play, first time in a week.  That humidity last week was so awful, after we'd get back from a morning walk I was too hot and pooped to sit out in it any longer than necessary, so poor Tate was cooped up all week.  They all left about 8, the boys went to bed and we watched more football.

It was a fun, busy but not too busy, weekend.  We got a few things done, we had fun, and we were with family.  No pictures, sorry!  Sunday night my phone started shutting off all by itself, then it would take me a while to get it to start back up again.  Was so irritating! I couldn't get it on at all yesterday in the morning so I had plans to go to town this morning to get a new phone. Then last night I finally got it turned on - I sat down and went through all of my contacts and wrote them down because I worried I wouldn't get it turned on again when getting the new phone.  After that it stayed on all night and is still on, so I'm hoping to not have to get a new phone yet.  I've been trying to get along until Black Friday when they have deals on phones.  Fingers crossed it lives that long!  What a pain, though!

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  1. Grace?! Did I miss a post where you announced her name?! I'm going to have to read back!! SO pretty!!! <3

    Also, your sister's tomato bread salad... tell me what that's all about, sounds delicious!!

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Did I miss the post with the name!?!?!?

  2. I'm still so bummed that 'your booth' wasn't there this year. I wonder what caused the drop in booth vendors? That's so crazy, especially if in years past the craft fair was so popular. Speaking of craft fairs... If you ever have a chance, there is a craft fair in Omaha that is MIND BLOWING. They hold it in their convention center and it. is. HUGE. There is literally something for everyone at that craft fair. My mom and I went a few years back, and I couldn't believe how awesome it was. I've been to a few others since, and nothing ever compares to the one in Omaha.

    OH MY GOSH - Breadeaux?! We have one in my hometown!! Their pizza is SO GOOD! Sadly, it's also the most pricy pizza in town, so we rarely go there. But, ooooh, when we treat ourselves, YUM-O!

    And pumpkins spice cake?? Yep. Sounds like heaven. Enjoy all those little pieces of fall, and think of me. :)