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Baby Girl - Week 26

Another week, another update. :)

How far along: 26w4d

Total weight gain: 16lbs!!!  But my doctor saw that and was all a-ok about it, so I guess I am too.

Maternity clothes: I'm irritated with my Pink Blush Maternity shirts.  I bought 5 of them at the beginning of my pregnancy - 2 tank tops, 1 short sleeve, 2 3/4 sleeve - and the 3 I've been wearing this summer are starting to pill.  I thought they'd be better quality than this!  I don't dry them, they all get dried on my drying rack.  Not super happy about it.  Word of warning to all you out there buying new maternity clothes. 

Sleep: It's been pretty darn good as of late.  I have a nasty cold, my first of the summer so not going to complain too loudly, and that has messed with my sleep, but otherwise I'm doing good with it.

Best moment of this week: My baby appointment.  I just love my dr., she's so great and we get along so well.  She makes me feel super at ease and when I told her I have major anxiety about losing this baby she totally got it and reassured me.  Love her!  My other 'best moment of the week' was receiving a gift in the mail from my sweet friend.  She just had a baby girl and while bow shopping snagged some for me, too.  She even got us Hawkeye Black and Gold headbands!  That's a big deal considering she's a State fan!  Thanks again, Des!

Miss anything: Being able to breath. It's not pregnancy related, just cold related, but it totally stinks and I want it back!

Movement: YES!  During the night when I was awake most of it due to my cold Baby Girl was quite active.  The boys have all been very active at night while I sleep, too.  (I know this because Andy has told me.)  That night in particular she was doing a lot of rolling and stretching and pushing.  Not so much kicking, although she does lots of that too!  And the other night I was poking at her as she was moving around, I think I felt a foot, and so I had Andy feel her.  He pushed in and about 3 seconds later she kicked him back!  So fun!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Riding in the truck.  It's a tad bouncy and every time we get it in for a Menards run I feel icky.  Once we get to the store and stop moving as much I get better.  That stinks.

Gender: GIRL GIRL GIRL!!!    

Labor signs: No Braxton Hicks that I noticed this week.  At my appointment we talked about when my Dr. would be on call in November and about possible dates for induction if I have gestational diabetes again.  It was kind of fun to discuss dates already!  She said that sometime between 32 and 36 weeks I'd have another ultrasound to check on baby and her size and we could nail things down more then.  The good news is the other Dr. will be gone from November 16th on so I shouldn't have any problems not getting my Dr. for delivery.  Yay! Such a load off this mind!

Happy or moody most of the time: I've been happy this week.  Between getting the boys moved down to the basement, the trips to the Fair and Kinnick, and being with friends a couple different times, it's been a really great week.  

Looking forward to: Completely getting the boys moved out of their room so I can start painting it for Baby Girl!

Symptoms/Side effects: Just growing.  I keep getting bigger, obviously.  

Name:  Still not settled on one.  After hearing about how meaningful Jenna Bush Hagar's daughter's name is I am on a crusade to find something that is meaningful to us, too.  It won't be Poppy, I promise, but hopefully something special will show it's face.  

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  1. I finally have to bite the bullet and get antibiotics so my Dr. called me in a z-pac. After just taking the first dose I slept like a baby (literally through a storm that knocked our power out from 1a-6a) and everything is breaking up... Still a little congested but I feel like a million bucks. I hope you get well soon. Those bows are uber cute... I freakn' wish I knew what I was having it is driving me crazy. I follow a bunch of boutiques on IG and they just have the cutest girl things and here I am like... I will pass because I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS PEANUT IS.

  2. Have you contacted Pink Blush?? You should!! Those clothes should not be pilling like that!
    Give me all the bows!!!! I can't wait to see them on Princess (even the black and gold ones ;) )!

  3. Are you feeling better yet? I love the hair bows!!! Any names come to mind yet?!?!