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Baby Girl - Week 24

This week is picture week!  I had planned from the beginning to take a picture in the same fitted tank each month so comparing my progress would be easier. Well, I quickly realized my gray tank blended in with the wall color so I threw that idea out the window.  Here we are at 24 week.

I thought it'd be fun to compare Baby Girl's 24 week picture with Tate's.  Here they are.

Too bad they aren't the same closeness.  But, I think they actually look pretty close in size.  And in the same place, as far as carrying high or low goes.

How far along: 24 weeks 4 days
Maternity clothes: Ready to move on to the cuter fall stuff and jeans.
Sleep: Hasn't been too bad this week but the dreams! They are so crazy and so real, very detailed.  
Best moment of this week: When I stopped at the pharmacy to get med's for Tate's ear infection two of the gals there made a special point to stop by the drive up window and wish me congrats on the baby and that she's a girl.  That excitement is so sweet of everyone, makes me feel so special!  

Miss anything: Not really.  I can still get up and go so haven't had any 'bug stuck on it's back' moments yet.  I can still get on the floor and play with Tate. 

Movement: Yes, she's very active.  We tease that she does the Royal Horses kick thing in my belly, which is when the horses jump up in the air and kick their back feet out at the same time. Saw it on some PBS special one time - the first time she kicked really hard I had just seen a commercial for those horses that were to be in the States touring and doing a show. Part of that commercial showed their famous kick, so it's what I've envisioned ever since. Andy asked me the other night if the Princess had been doing her Royal Horse kicks that day.  Made me laugh. :)  Baby Girl is a very strong little lady and in the past week I have been able to watch her kick as well as feel it.  It's fun to see my belly pop and jump. These movements are one of the best parts of pregnancy, hands down!

Food cravings: None, although I prefer sweet to salty hands down.

Gender: GIRL GIRL GIRL!!!    

Labor signs: No Braxton Hicks this week.

Looking forward to: Getting her crib!  I ordered it last week on Amazon and can't wait for it to come!  I also ordered that baby bonnet I told you about Monday, it has shipped so should arrive in the next week or so -- can't wait to see it!  I'm also looking forward to going to a friend's house next week to go through her baby girl clothes. She's going to go through my baby boy clothes as a swap - her sweet little guy was born 3 weeks ago.  

Symptoms/Side effects:  I've started having a little bit of RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome).  It's not too bothersome ... yet ... and I notice it at night when relaxing and laying in bed.  Just mild little twitches but if it's anything like my previous pregnancies they'll get worse.  With Tate I took Magnesium pills and that helped a ton!  I've also been experiencing the feeling of all that weight out front.  Sometimes it just feels so heavy that the only relief I can get is to lay on my left side and relax.  Laying on my right doesn't help for some odd reason. Probably all in my head but I do have a left side that is just as easy to get to as my right (ha!) so I get the relief I am looking for.  
I have mentioned that I feel like a cow sometimes, really big and huge.  I've come to discover that I feel like this in certain outfits. So guess what - those shirts have been buried at the bottom of my dresser and I hope to never see them on me again!  Problem solved!

Name:    You guys!!!  Still no name!  Andy is totally sold on one in particular.  I, however, am not convinced.  I keep saying it's not a real name, it's made up.  I don't know what we'll do about it.  I did hear back from my friend in Ireland and here are the names she suggested based on family names - Erin, Lili, Realtin, Sinead, Roisin, Lara and Fiona.  All pretty, but none jump out at me as 'the one'. Thank goodness the middle name is settled, that's half the battle.  And maybe Andy's name will suit me better after she's born - that's what happened with Brennan's name.  

That's where things stand this week.  16 weeks - 4 MONTHS! - to go!  Two more weeks until my next check up.  I wish those things came quicker, I always love mine.  It helps that I love my doctor, too. :)

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  1. You are ADORABLE, and do not look like a cow - for the record.
    I love the little bit about the Princess and her Royal Kicks. HA! That's cute. You'll have to tell her about that some day when she's older.
    Don't you love when you can go through a pile of clothes for free?! We did that a couple months ago, and it was such a relief for me. Girls clothing is so overwhelming (at least for me). SO. MANY. CHOICES! At the stores. So when I had a few big bins to sort through it was just a lot less stressful.
    I hope you can agree on a name soon. That was one of our biggest hurdles, too. I never thought the little lady would have a name.

  2. You look so cute. There will be no pictures surface of me this go around... well besides that one. I hate my picture taken to begin with. We have settled on names so there are some names that were nixed from our list: Marlee, Stella, Estelle, Annabeth (AB for short), Parker, Piper, and the one I already shared Cora. I can't wait to hear what your husbands "made up" name is.

  3. Looking good momma! And your hair looks FAB. :)

  4. I love it. I love your bump and I love that color shirt on you. And your shorter hair is tops! I smiled so big to hear she is so squirmy!! I can't WAIT for that feeling!

  5. You are just the cutest pregnant woman ever. You should just keep having babies.

    The name will come. When you least expect it! And it will be perfection!