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Life Lately/Weekend Rewind

It's been a busy past week.  I haven't taken many photos because of that.

It started with Andy's uncle passing away at the age of 55.  We had his visitation Sunday evening and his funeral Monday morning.  Hard to see someone so young die.  The family did a nice job of honoring him and his interests at the funeral.

Saturday I met a friend at an outlet mall and spent waaaaaay too  much money at the first two stores - all of it for baby girl! And all of it on clearance or sale and for next summer.  I think I only ended up with 3 sleepers for this winter - the majority of that stuff isn't out yet.  I had so much fun going through all of those pink outfits!  Add to that spending an entire morning with one of my best friends and it was pretty near perfect - perfect would have been if it hadn't been raining.  Can't win 'em all! Oh, and I got my niece's, MIL and SIL' stocking stuffers all done - winning!  Now to get started on buying actual gifts!

Sunday morning was yet another trip to Menards.  Once we got home we went to work on hanging drywall in the basement, got lunch and took Bren over to a friend's house for her birthday party.  Then I got ready for the visitation, went back to get Bren and we hauled the boys out to my folks' place - didn't think the boys needed to sit for 2 hours at the visitation.

Monday was the funeral. After, we went to lunch with all of Andy's extended family.  Then it was regular Monday errands - Walmart and grocery store.  My aunt had picked me up a sack of girly clothes from a gal she buys boy clothes from for her grandson so I stopped by quick to get that and oo and aw.  Then home again to hang more drywall.  While Andy was mussing and fussing with it I finally went through the toy mess in the basement - I pitched a ton of stuff, found a few thing to drop off at Goodwill and put away the Imaginex sets and a few other 'important' toys that need cleaned then stored once the mess in the basement is all done.  The boys still occasionally pull out the Imaginex sets but they are so covered in dust from all of the work that I decided they just needed put away for the time being.  I rounded up all of the tractors and equipment for Tate - he is majorly into playing with tractors these days!  It looks much less cluttered down there now.

Monday night the boys had swim lessons.  It has been highs in the 90+ degree range with humidity dew points in the 70's - that equals a scorcher!  The water wasn't super cool because of all the sun and heat but they did great. Aiden FINALLY jumped off the diving board and swam to the side all by himself. Hoping this means his confidence is finally there and he can now just have fun at the pool with his friends.  Bren jumped off the board, too, with assistance from his swim instructor in getting to the side.  But he did go down the slide all by himself, he was pretty proud of that!

The heat continued yesterday so we went to the local pool for the first time.  The 2 towns on either side of us have nice, zero entry depth pools so we've always gone to them. But with the boys doing so well with their swimming I decided to give the 'regular' or 'old fashioned' pool a try.  The boys had a great time since their friends were at this pool, and Tate had fun kicking his little feet under his floatie.

That pretty much catches us up.  We are gearing up for a busy week next week - it's Fair Week!  Hoping these temps and humidity go down enough so we aren't melting all week - this preggo can't handle the heat!

Have a great day!

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  1. I'm so sorry about the loss of Andy's uncle.
    But, it sounds like the rest of your weekend was pretty great. All that shopping? Yes, please! (I just discovered a Carter's store just minutes from our house - I'm not sure if this is a good thing yet - HA!)
    Woohoo for Aiden jumping off the diving board!!
    My parents have been keeping me up to date on how hot and humid it is back home. While I miss home terribly I am SO glad I'm not there right now. My pregnant body would hate me.

  2. I am sorry for the loss of Andy's uncle. My uncle just passed not long ago. It is heart wrenching lossing someone so young.

    And girfriend, you are in trouble. Already buying all things pinked. That little girl is going to be spoiled rotten! I am so darn happy for you.