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Baby Girl - Week 23

Another week down.  17 weeks till we meet our baby girl!

How far along: 23w4d

Maternity clothes: I'm quickly becoming bored with what I have.  It's too hot to wear something more than a tank top, and I only have about 5 of those, 3 of which are the exact same thing in different colors (black, gray and black/white striped).  Boring.  I'm ready for fall so I can get back into some cute things!

Sleep: Hasn't been too bad this past week, I'm hoping that continues for the next, oh, 17 weeks! Ha!

Worst moment of this week: Realizing I'm already HUGE, and feeling like a cow already.  I am definitely carrying Little Miss differently than I did the boys. They were more out front, she is more across my mid section, which makes me look very wide and huge.  Luckily I only notice it when I catch my reflection in a window or the mirror.  When I look down at her she's just a bump out front, and I can't help but give her a rub and a pat. :)

Movement: When she does move, she's active!  Andy says she kicks like a kangaroo.

Food cravings: Still those chocolate donuts.  I wish I craved something healthy.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not this week.

Gender: GIRL!!!

Labor signs: None

Wedding rings on or off: Off

Happy or moody most of the time: Moody. I was over tired from the fair, so that didn't help.  

Looking forward to: Getting the boy's rooms done so I can start decorating the Princess's room.  I ordered her butterfly mobile this past weekend because Pottery Barn Kids was having a 1 day sale, so I'm pretty darn excited for that beauty to arrive!

Symptoms/Side Effects: The heat really gets to me quicker than usual being 23 weeks pregnant.  I feel pretty useless outside these days.  Would love for some milder temps so I can get in my flower beds and garden, and to go for walks in the evening with Andy.

Something I have done in every pregnancy is eat ice.  It's rare for me to leave ice in the bottom of my cup at a restaurant.  I can't help but chew it!  At supper Saturday night I noticed I was chewing on the ice in my cup. Isn't that funny that I've done it for every pregnancy?

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  1. Did you know chewing on ice can be a sign of low iron? I did it with my pregnancies too and still want to do it but my dentist tells me not to :(
    It sounds like your pregnancy is going GREAT!

  2. I've heard that too about ice meaning low iron. Ice was the only thing I craved with Ryan... we'd go out to eat and I'd get a tall glass of just ice and eat it within minutes! Anyways, hope you're catching up on some rest now that the fair is done!

  3. I was getting ready to say the same as the others. Chewing ice is sign of low iron. I have really low iron and I chew on ice all day long. I don't get the connection but it's true!

  4. You DO NOT look like a cow. Seriously. Stop it. I do understand what you mean about carrying totally different (with Marcus I was so much wider, with M2 I'm carrying so much more out front).
    I am literally down to about 3 shirts that actually still fit me. It's getting really frustrating to try and make those three shirts look new and different.
    THE MOBILE!! YES!! I'm 99.9% sure I have the same one you just ordered, and it's hanging in M2's room. I know you'll love it. It's just the most light, whimsical thing. I can't wait to see what you do with Little Lady's nursery.

  5. I get ya on the heat... Momma just wants to lounge in her pool (no splashing). You don't look like a cow, although I know how you are feeling there too. I have to say that with this one I am a lot smaller then I was with Oliver, you want to see cow I was huge everywhere.