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Hey there!  I took a week off from the blog last week, unintentionally.  Last weekend I took a ton of pictures to share with you all for my weekend recap post, then Monday morning came and I was a big ol’ blob on the couch.  I pretty much stayed there through Wednesday.  Not sure what was up but I just felt out of it most of the week.  Thursday afternoon I finally came out of my coma and then played catch up on Friday, thus the lack of blogging last week.

Today’s weekend recap post will be without pictures.  Saturday morning we went to Aiden’s basketball game at the Y then headed out to my folks’ house to have lunch and so I could give haircuts.  My sister’s family joined us.  We had a great time, headed out about 3 and came home to settle in the for the night and Sunday because we were due to get a huge snowstorm.  I dozed off on the couch around 4 and at 5 woke up with the chills.  My teeth were chattering so hard!  I drug myself off the couch long enough to get some warm comfy pajamas on then climbed under a couple of warm blankets and that’s where I stayed the rest of the night.  Those chills turned into body aches, a fever, getting super duper hot, then cold again.  It was awful!  Sunday was much of the same.  I quarantined myself in my bedroom most of Sunday so as not to pass it our  to the rest of the family but came out of hiding late in the afternoon so Andy could go out and blow out the 10” of snow in our driveway. 

We did watch the Super Bowl.  I wasn’t super impressed by any of it, especially the ending.  Went to bed, didn’t sleep great. Then about 2 a.m. Aiden came in complaining of a sore tummy.  He camped out on our floor and about an hour later was in the bathroom getting sick. Poor guy!  Today he is quarantined to my bedroom.  Totally stinks when we are sick.  Makes you really appreciate your health!

So that’s what I’ve been up to – not feeling like myself for way too long! Hoping today I completely get over whatever ailed me and Aiden gets better and no one else gets it!  Ick!


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  1. Your weekend sounded a little like mine... without pictures too.

  2. Everyone needs a good blogging break every now and again.
    The Super Bowl was good for the commercials and half time. As for the game. Meh.
    Poor Aiden, I hope he gets to feeling better soon!

  3. Awww honey, hope everyone is feeling better! I suppose it was a good weekend to get sick considering most people were trapped indoors.