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Birthday Party Decorations


For Tate’s first birthday I went a little more ‘overboard’ on decorating then I normally do.  Usually we have family over for supper and cake and I don’t decorate any more than the cake.  But for Tatie Tot’s big birthday I wanted to make it special (not that he knew any different). 

Every month since he was born I took a posed picture of Tate on his special blankie with his little monkey sitting beside him so I could see how much he grew each month.  While perusing Pinterest I found a banner someone had made using those same types of pictures.  I immediately knew I was making that for Tate’s big day.

It was so easy to make the banner.  I had all the scrapbooking paper I needed, plus my Cricut cutting machine.  I was using a green and blue color scheme for his party so that was what I went with for the banner, too.

First up, I cut the scrapbook paper so it would be slightly bigger than my photos.  After that I used my Cricut to cut out the numbers representing each month/age. 


Once I had everything cut I started assembling the banner.  First I glued the pictures to the cardstock.  Then I used glue dots (Zots) to adhere the numbers to the cardstock.  I didn’t want to stick them to the photos so I could use the photos in a scrapbook later. 


Finally, I used little decorative clothes pins to attach the pictures to a long piece of jute/twine.  To hang it on the wall I used some clear 3M hooks, the kind you can stick to the wall and remove later with no damage left to your paint.


In addition to the pictures I used my Cricut to cut out Tate’s name and 2 number 1’s.  I used mini-clothespins to attach those to the jute/twine, also. 

Almost 2 weeks later since I hung these up and I still have them on the wall.  I love looking at the pictures, and so does Tate!  We blow kisses to the babies on the wall before naps. 

Everyone at Tate’s party really enjoyed looking at the pictures of Tate.  I had this hung up above the table of snacks and cake so they could see how much he’s grown while filling their plates!

Do you go all “Pinterest-y” for your kids’ birthday parties?


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  1. That came out SO good, Erin... love love love it! Precious!

  2. Awe. That's such a cute idea! I love it!

  3. I super puffy heart love this!!!

  4. Love the banner! It turned out awesome.
    For M's 1st and 2nd parties I went kind of crazy. But it was just so much fun. I couldn't help it. This year we are having his party at a bounce house place, so I'm not doing nearly as much work - and that's a-ok with me. :)

  5. This is so cute! I wish I had a cricut!!!