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Hot Topic Tuesday


I’m getting on a soap box today, bear with me!

2 things are bugging me. One is this whole “ ‘Merica” thing.  How damn lazy are we?  All of a sudden we can’t add a single syllable to the beginning and say the name of our country??  So in 100 years our great grandkids will be telling their kids “Back in the old days they called our country ‘America’.  And in the old *old* days it was printed on maps as ‘The United States of America’. Isn’t that funny?”  Come on folks!  This really bothers me. 

Next - hazing.  I despise hazing.  I don’t get it.  It’s not cute. It’s not funny.  It’s not nice.  It’s abuse and bullying.  And when we hear time and time again about these poor innocent people who are killed because of a hazing incident it just makes my blood boil.  There was a story about one such incident on the news last night and they said the individuals involved *might* get charged with murder.  “Good” is what I thought.  They need to be punished for doing that to the poor kid.  It was a form of torture and if it had happened outside of a fraternity there wouldn’t be any question about whether the parties involved would be charged or not.  Book ‘em.

Ok, off my soap box.  Sorry, friends, had to get that off my chest!

What are your Hot Topics today?



  1. Good topics! My brother taught Kendall how to say 'Merica. Can we say annoying???

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! Thank you!!! This weekend my cousin was cracking up at me because we were sitting on the front porch and I was on social media. Between FB, Instagram, and Twitter-I counted at least 20 'Merica's or 'Murica. I was like what the heck!?!? Can we not say the "A" in more? It's one tiny little letter. I don't understand. I think it's disrespectful.

  3. Sorry I am dying laughing...."Back in the old days they called our country America" You are sooo right though, it drives me and just seems disrespectful!!!

  4. This is why I love you (and America). I literally googled "where 'merica came from" and didn't get a real solid answer. I *do* know that a group of very military/law enforcement guys (of which Scott may or may not be a part of) watched some clip on the internet of America, and how balls to the wall awesome it is. At the end of the clip there was a reference to " 'merica," and now the guys are all saying it. But seriously, God Bless America, and the fact that we have the freedom of speech to even discuss this kind of thing.

    What is up with the hazing story?! Did that happen in IA??