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Hey there!  Welcome to Friday, finally!  Not that it’s been a long week but seriously, who doesn’t love the weekend?

The boys have had swim lessons this week and they have both improved SO much!  I do believe we will finally make a swimmer out of Aiden!  Brennan is a little fishy, he loves the water and is much braver than Aiden.  He even asked if he could go off the ‘jumping’ board (diving board) yesterday!  Doing that motivated Aiden a little bit to do it, too. They loved it and did it a bunch of times (with their instructor there to catch them or be within arms reach).  They jumped off it last year, too, but it seems they have forgotten that. I took some fun video of it and will try to figure out how to get that off my phone and on to here next week.

Today’s the last day to enter the big Victoria’s Secret $100 GC giveaway.  Winner will be announced tomorrow (check my Instagram page @homemadehappenings or click the link above in my banner to follow me).

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Coming up next week I’ll do a post introducing myself to all of you new followers.  You are probably reading this wondering who Aiden and Brennan are and how old they are and all that stuff – stay tuned, you’ll get to know everything you wanted to know about me and more (like why I don’t think dinosaurs ever existed, ha! {Mean Ang, that ones for you!}).

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. Hahaha yes! I can't wait to read it. Have a good weekend! :)

  2. Wow that was a quick giveaway :)) lol Im excited about all the new followers!

  3. Woohoo for improvements in swim lessons - that's great!! Can't wait to see their new skills!