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Aiden at 8


IMG_1094Today is my big guy’s 8th birthday! EIGHT!!!  Wow, that’s a big number!  But aren’t they all? 

I remember everything about the day he was born very vividly.  It doesn’t seem possible that all of that happened 8 years ago!  You can read all about it HERE, and HERE.

Look at that handsome guy!  He’s such a joy to have in my life! 

At 8 years old Aiden…

~ is funny!  Not just in telling jokes, but in some of the things he comes up with.  For instance, The Fart Army.  No, not stinky farts, but under the arm farts.  Him and his buddy’s learned how to ‘fart’ under their arms so he named them the Fart Army.  Ok, so this is a tad bit weird – after all, I’m a girly girl and don’t quite get it – but it’s just part of his funny little sense of humor that I love.

~ loves sports!  Any and all, he will watch them with enthusiasm!  Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, tennis…doesn’t matter, if there’s a ball involved he’s all in!  He really loves to play all sports, too, and he’s good at them!  He seems to have a natural talent when it comes to playing ball. He’s a lot of fun to watch out on the field.

~ is good at school.  He’s such a smart boy.  He loves reading and math and is very good at both.  He has excellent handwriting, which I believe is rare for a boy.  His teacher commented on that more than once over the past year.  He is a good boy in class, doesn’t disrupt the teacher or the flow of the day.  His favorite subject is gym, of course, and he always knows which day he has it. 

~ is the best big brother!  Yes, he fights with Brennan, but they are really good buddies most of the time.  He has quite a bit of patience where Bren is concerned.  And with Tate, well, Tate is Aiden’s favorite little guy in the whole world. Tate lights up when he sees Aiden, and Aiden would spend hours entertaining Tate if he could. 

~ has taught me what being a mom is all about.  I sure do love this guy!  We went for a walk together last week, just Aiden, Tate and me, and Aiden talked and talked and talked the whole time.  It was fun to have a real conversation with him.  I felt like I got to really know him as a person, not just as my son.  It was a really neat thing for me and it showed me even more how cool of a guy he is.

~ is always down for a good time.  He’s jus a fun kid! I am so lucky he is mine all mine!


Happy Birthday, Aiden!

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll love you for always.  As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.”


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  1. What a sweet and adorable 8 year old you have :)

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