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Tate, 1 Month Old

One month old!!!  Already???  Wow, that went fast.

Tate had a big day on Saturday – he got baptized!  It was a nice, special moment for us.  He didn’t cry when Father Troy poured the holy water on his head, he just slept through the whole thing.  My sister is his Godmother and Andy’s brother his Godfather with their spouses being honorary Godparents.  Here are a few pictures.

My sister holding Tate while Father pours the Holy Water over his head.


Our family with Father. (Don’t mind the flat hair – what happened to my teasing?!?)


Tate Andrew, newly baptized!


Tate wore the same baptismal gown that my dad wore when he was baptized.  Aiden and Brennan also wore it when they were baptized.  (Look at those chubby thighs peeking through the material!)

We came back to our house for a meal after the baptism, and to celebrate Brennan’s 5th birthday (more on that tomorrow).  Tate slept through most of it, silly boy!

At a month old Tate is still waking up 2 times a night to eat, although sometimes I don’t think he’s all that hungry, more that he just wants his wet diaper changed. But since I’m up, I feed him.  Am I creating an independence on eating at night?  Who knows.  It’ll straighten itself out eventually. 

  • His sleep/awake patterns are the same as last week, nothing new to report there. 
  • Tate has started sticking his pointy tongue out.  It’s the cutest little pointy tongue I’ve ever seen. 
  • We’ve started taking baths in the bath tub.  He is pretty okay with it while laying in the warm water, a little jumpy but not usually crying, but as soon as his wet body comes out of the water and hits the cool air he is screaming. But it cracks me up because as soon as I wrap the towel around him he immediately stops crying. 
  • He loves his mommy!  Be still my heart! 
  • We FINALLY got the replacement rail for Tate’s crib on Thursday so Friday evening we put his crib together.  I think he loves it!  He sleeps so well in there, better than he did in his cradle, although he slept pretty good in there, too.  The mattress is cushier, I bet that’s why!  I love walking in his room to check on him sleeping, he lays in there all beached out with his arms above his head and his head turned to one side or the other (usually turned towards his right side).  The boy is so sweet!

Here he is, 1 month old!

2014-03-09 10.51.01

Oh those cheeks!  They get about a million kisses every day!  Oh, and his thighs and arms are getting chubbier and starting to get creases in them!  Love!

For me, Tate being a month old means I am more comfortable knowing what he’ll need when, what his cry means, and how to soothe him.  I guess what I’m saying is, I have him figured out now.  I feel better knowing that he’ll sleep at night, which means I will too.  During the day I know he’ll go 3 to 4 hours between nursing so I can plan a trip to town for groceries, or a trip to see Andy for lunch.  I am more comfortable nursing in public if necessary, although I always find a spot to hide in.  Now I feel like we’re in a good ‘coasting’ place, which is so great. 

Tate got a new toy last week!  He loves laying under it looking around, and once in a while he gets lucky and accidentally bats one of the toys hanging down, which makes it wiggle and that totally catches his eye. 


I love the colors of this thing!  So fun!  It’s an Infantino brand from Target, in case you’re in the market for one of these.

Have a great week!



  1. It sounds like you have a routine with Tate now. You've had a few, so you're a pro. ;) I wish I had felt like this with J, but I guess him being my first I was always so unsure of myself. I hope if we ever have another one I feel more like you are describing.

  2. I like his play mat too! Your sister looks just like you! I love the picture of your whole family together - so sweet!

  3. He is just perfect!! I can't believe he is already a month old! Crazy!!

  4. YAY for FINALLY getting the crib fixed!!! Gah - I just can't handle his cuteness!!!

  5. Lukey has the same toy. I love the colors. He LOVED it until he was mobile. Glad you finally got the crib fixed. I can't get over how stinkin cute he is!!! I just want to squish him up.

  6. HOW is it possible a month has already gone by?
    Tate just gets cuter and cuter. There is nothing better than the rolls on a bebe.

  7. Happy one month birthday, little guy!!

  8. Happy one month! He's just so perfect!! And sounds like a pretty great little babe!
    How awesome is it that your boys wore the same gown as your dad? So cool!
    I bet it feels good to know Tates needs now! And that you have some time during the day to get out and do errands!

  9. He's a doll...OMG... Baby fever!! Just kidding, 5 is enough for me. You look fabulous mama!