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A Whole 6 Weeks Old!


My Tater Bug is a whole 6 weeks old already!  Doesn’t he look like he’s the size of a 6 month old?  He’s busting out of his 3-6 months sleepers because he is so long.  If they have footies attached he can barley stretch out, if they don’t have footies they are hiked up like high-waters.  He is in a size 2 diaper, and he pees out of Huggies every time we use them so are definitely sticking with Pampers for the time being.  Luckily I only bought one package of Huggies when I was stocking up on diapers.

Tate gave me his first real smile last week!  He was 5 weeks and 4 days old.  I’ve been watching him smile in his sleep since day one and it was always the cutest little thing, but with his eyes open and giving me a smile because he wanted to?  So so precious!  And I love listening to him ‘talk’ to me. He’s starting to coo and gurgle and grunt when I talk to him, makes my day!







We are going to start working on giving him a bottle of breast milk every day so he can get used to a bottle nipple, just in case I ever need to leave him with someone and won’t be back in time for his feeding.  Speaking from past experience, it’s no fun when your baby won’t take a bottle and is screaming because they are so hungry.  #truestory  In this picture, he took 3 oz. and was begging for more!










This is Tate’s favorite place to snuggle.  He buries his sweet little nose in my neck, right where he can smell ‘Essence De Mommy’ (it’s his favorite perfume!).  We do a lot of sniffing each other throughout the day, ha ha!









He looks ‘slimmer’ when he’s sitting upright.  Had to share this pic.









I finally caught his smile with the camera!  Isn’t he sweet?  And adorable? And mine all mine!!!  And look at his sweet little mohawk! LOL!  I love it!  And no one can rival that double chin!  It’s where he stores his reserves, just in case the milk would ever run out!

I couldn’t possibly be more in love with this little bundle!  I am so happy he is part of our family.



  1. Such a sweet little angel! <3 6 weeks already?! Goodness that was fast! :/

  2. What a sweet lil pumpkin!
    My boys couldn't wear Huggies either. My friend has 3 girls and that's all she could use on them. I wonder why that is....

  3. Oh Tater Bug!! I just want to eat you up!!! Size 2 diapers?! Mav is still in 1's! LOL We are Pamper's all the way at our house too!!! Eff those Huggies - we leaked out of them EVERY dang TIME!! 6 weeks?! Really?! You are lying!!

  4. He is freaking adorable!! I love when they snuggle into your chin like that. Both Molly and Brady used to do that.

  5. I can't believe your little bug is already 6 weeks old. And nearly as big as my over active 10 month old!!! Haha! He is just the cutest Erin. I just love it.

  6. LOVE HIM!! I want to snuggle up on him!

  7. He is such a sweetie!!!!
    I just wanna hold him!!

  8. He's adorable, Erin!! I'm glad he likes his bottles. My boys would never take them! It wasn't horrible because they didn't complain loudly; they just refused to eat until I was back around.

  9. Love, love that smile! He really is the cutest baby!! I want to snuggle him!
    Ooooh, our boys had problems with Huggies too, they never woke up dry! So, I'm a pampers fan through and through!

  10. I just love him! And 'essence de mommy! Ha! Adley loves that scent too!