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Odds and Ends Thursday

Good Thursday to you!  I’m sure you have heard of the snow storm hitting the Midwest yesterday, today and tomorrow.  If you haven’t you live under a rock. Ha! I tease.  But seriously, it’s all they are talking about and I am so tired of hearing it!!!  Yes it’s going to be a lot of snow.  Yes it’s going to cause travel headaches.  Yes it’s a bitch.  Move on!  This is the Midwest, we get snow here!  Now if this was hitting, say, Jamaica, now THAT would be news worthy!

Speaking of news, what do you think of this whole Oscar Pistorious deal?  I must be too soft hearted, I feel bad for the poor guy!  Am I an awful person or what? He shot his (gorgeous) girlfriend to death!  But do you think it was pre-meditated?  Or do you believe his story?  I don’t know what I honestly think, I just know he looks so nice and sweet and HOT that it’s hard for me to hate him and think he’s a monster.  Does anyone else suffer from this?  I do this all the time with big bad stories like this one. 

This weekend we are joining in on the JDRF Walk For A Cure diabetes walk.  Aiden’s best buddy, Evan, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes this past fall and his parent’s put together a team called ‘Evan’s Eliminators’ for the walk.  Evan is in the other 1st grade class this year and his entire class was given shirts to wear tomorrow in support of Evan and the walk.  Welp, with the mega-storm bearing down they changed it up to today so the boys wore their shirts today also to show Evan they support him, too.  Aren’t they cute??  And don’t you think they look nothing alike?  I don’t see any resemblance. 


Do you balance your checkbook every month when your statement comes? I know, from working in a bank, that this practice is dying along with the rest of the depression era rituals.  But I still balance my check book every month!  But I got behind.  By, like, 3 months!  Nothing like digging yourself out a hole!  Luckily when I finally got around to doing it this morning every single month balanced on the first try!!!  Woot woot!  What a pain in the butt, though.  Oh, and my public service announcement for the day – BALANCE YOUR CHECKBOOK EVERY MONTH!!!  Your bank teller thanks you.

Hope you stay safe and warm during the snow storm!  And if you’re reading from somewhere outside of the 18 states being affected by this storm – you suck! Ha ha!  Love you anyway!



  1. I feel the same way about the impending snow storm... it's Iowa! I would say KCRG did a good job covering it, but not blowing it out of proportion, but I remembered you have a thing for the "Schnack," so you probably haven't been watching KCRG! ;) As for the banking topic, well... you know me there!

  2. I write EVERYTHING down in my checkbook. I know down to the penny what I have in my bank account every day. Obsessive? Probably. I'm glad the snow is hitting you and not me... it's probably coming our way and I'm just out of the loop!

  3. I never balance my check book... i dont even have a check book really. I mean I have a box of checks but i only write one like once every few months. oops. I let J handle all that money bizz.

    ALSO I am going to STL IN JUNE!!!! ashley is meeting me there from Indy so we can have a sleepover at Mels and hang with holly and some other ladies! Let me know your dates!

  4. I totally know what you mean about the storm. I mean I get that's its the biggest blizzard like ever but still its just snow! I wanted to watch Rachael Ray this morning but Channel 9 news has been on the WHOLE freaking time!!

    I don't balance my checkbook. I know I'm such a bad girl! Really I just let my online acct do it for me. I never write anything down. I'm such a horrible girl I know! :(

  5. I'm originally from Iowa (living in LA now) and I kind of miss those big snow storms. All the more reason to snuggle up with some hot chocolate, a good book, and have a perfectly acceptable excuse to not leave the house.
    As for Oscar, I'm totally with you! My husband is in law enforcement and he believes the guy is guilty as sin. I, on the other hand, am finding it difficult to think that hotness would kill that beautiful woman on purpose.
    Ah, the checkbook. My husband is so type A, he balances that thing every.single.Saturday. :)

  6. I don't balance the checkbook. That is my husband's job and he does it every month to the penny. If he is off he gets so stressed. Me not so much..

  7. I'm gonna go with 3-4 inches so far here! I'm laying in bed cuddling with my doggie :) I would make some hot chocolate but of course can't have that clean eating.. Guess it will just have to wait until the Monday storm ugh

    I NEVER balance my checkbook. I never have. I don't even know where my checkbook is at. Haven't written a check since college apartment days haha. I just check online like twice a week

  8. They kept mentioning a blizzard warning for Arizona too and I kept ignoring it cause well, its Arizona I lived here my whole life and only has it snowed maybe twice but they were right, it snowed all day and night on Wednesday, waking up to a blanket of snow on Thursday was just weird, of course it was all melted and we were back in the 60's by noon. Wow, that was a run on sentence sorry.