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Can I Get A Woot Woot For Friday?

Do you follow your horoscope or believe in that stuff?  I’m not a follower but once in awhile I read my horoscope – I’m a Pisces.  I found this on Pinterest and could not believe how perfectly it described me.


It doesn’t paint the prettiest picture, but every single one of those is ME.  Damn, and I thought being born in February was awesome!  Do you think what moon or sign you’re born under can affect who you are, how you feel and how you perceive yourself? 

On a different note, we are going to start working on our closet project again this weekend.  It came to a stand still after we received our bad news, but now that we are moving along it is time to get going on that again.  I’m hoping we can make a big dent in things this weekend, in between all of our running around we are doing.  Seriously, we have a jam packed weekend and I don’t think we’re going to have any time to relax at all.

I missed out on doing my first solo link up for Valentine’s Day, but I think because it is all about Love Stories and not Valentine’s Day I will still host it. So next Thursday please link up for my first solo link up!  And tell all your blogging friends so they can come on over and join in too!  I love a good love story.  It doesn’t have to be about another person, it could be your love story with your pet!  It could be your love story with your kids.  Grandparents.  Anyone, any thing!  Please please PLEASE join in!  Yes, I’m reducing myself to begging. Womp womp.

Since I whined about it a little bit yesterday I’d better let you know how we fared in the big mega storm.  The boys’ school let out at 2:00 yesterday afternoon, 2 1/2 hours before the first flake fell.  Oh well, better to be safe than sorry I guess.  But once it hit, it hit.  The snow accumulated pretty quickly and it wasn’t long before our brown lawn was white.  So in the end I think we ended up with about 6” of the white stuff.  It’s pretty fluffy so was easy to shovel this morning.  The boys and I went out about 9:00, they scooped while I ran the snow blower.  I actually got hot working out there!  The sun has ‘sneaked a peak’ a few times and it helped melt the snow remnants off the drive.  We decided to venture out to have lunch with Andy and the highways are dry!  You wouldn’t even know we had snow on them last night.  So the Mega Snow Storm was a big fat TURD and not the big deal they made it out to be.  At least not here in my neck of the woods.  But the media wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t create mass hysteria over a ‘storm’.  How did you fare?

Happy weekend, friends!



  1. Yay I can't wait to link up and Yes I agree with my "sign" every step of the way - I am a Leo.. LOL.. could you tell?

  2. Yay! I am a taurus and it is so me! Def linking up!!!

  3. Totally linking up! And now I'm searching for my "sign" to see just how much of it is me! :)
    Have a great weekend girl!

  4. Gemini all the way here! I love my sign ( maybe a little too much). Heehee
    I'll be back for the link up