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Growing Up Is Hard To Do

Dear Grandma,

Aiden lost his first tooth this week!  And I use the word 'lost' loosely, because Andy actually pulled it out (with a loud POP).  Aiden was super excited, then he saw the blood and started looking a little green. Ha ha!  But the tooth fairy brought him a new tooth brush with Transformers on it, and a $2 bill.  His top left tooth is extremely loose now so I'd say in a few days that one will be out too.  Once those baby teeth are gone he's has no more 'baby' left in him.  How sad -- for me! 

Right now he's laying on the floor playing with his Leapster.  He looks like such a kid.  Without taking his eyes off the screen he reaches over and pulls a grape out of the baggie and pops it in his mouth.  So like a grown-up engrossed in something they're working on.  He says big kid things to me sometimes, which always crack me up a bit but I try to hide that so he doesn't stop saying them to me. 

But then he gets upset about something and needs me, his mommy, to fix them and make him feel all better.  Not a bad gig.

Here's a picture of Aiden right after he lost his tooth.
He has a funny look on his face, must be from seeing that blood!


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