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Cold Night, Warm Tummy

Dear Grandma,

Last night I made one of the most amazing soups.  It was so creamy and cheesy and flavorful and just so, so delicious!  Andy tells me he's just not a soup kind of guy but that this was the best Cheeseburger Soup he's ever had (and the only!).  Here's the recipe:
If you have a hard time reading this let me know, I'll type it up (thought I'd try this way since it was fast!).

I think all the veggies chopped and mixed together look so pretty!
Here's what it looks like after you add the burger and potatoes -- yum!
I forgot to take an 'after' picture because it smelled so good and I just couldn't wait to get it in my mouth!  So you'll either have to use your imagination or make it.  And it's so nice because it's a quick soup and it freezes really well.  I put enough of the leftovers in a bowl for me to take to work one day next week and the remainder went into a freezer safe bowl for a few weeks down the road when I need a quick easy meal that'll warm us down to our bones.

Happy eating!

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