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Basement Bathroom Reveal

Finally, FINALLY, I am ready to do the big bathroom reveal!  It's been a long time coming but we are finally all done!

First, let me say, I am super happy with how it turned out!  We went into this with no real vision of what we wanted it to look like.  We wanted it to be functional for two boys who will be using this until they graduate and move out (gulp!).  And because it's for boys (until Tenley is a teenager and decides she's too cool to be upstairs with me and Andy .. again, gulp!) we didn't want any frills or fancy stuff.  Just basic, functional, easy to keep clean and nice.

Without further adieu, our new basement bathroom!

My super talented husband actually built that built-in cabinet! (insert bug-eyed emoji here!)  I love love it!  In the beginning we thought about putting doors on it, because BOYS = MESSY but then we thought that'd make the small space feel even smaller so we left it open.  I'd like to put something decoration-wise on those shelves but just haven't figured that out yet.  The wire baskets came from Kohls, we purchased them over a year ago and have been holding on to them ever since.

I am a big fan of 'Fixer Upper' and Joanna Gaines on HGTV and have had a crush on ship lap since I first set eyes on it. :)  We thought that would be a fun addition to the bathroom.  What we ended up with isn't exactly ship lap in the technical sense but what we did has the same effect and I really like how it turned out.

I knew I wanted to use hooks instead of towel rods.  The ones we used we found at Lowes.  Each boy has one on either side of the shower and there is one next to the sink as well.

The floor was trickier than we expected.  Originally we were absolutely CERTAIN we wanted tile that had a wood floor look.  Somewhere in the middle of it all we took a 180 degree turn because I saw a tile in a magazine that I just couldn't live without. :)  We looked in a couple different stores before we finally found it ... at Lowes of all places!  We laid it ourselves, and that wasn't the most fun adventure, but it came out great and I am so happy with the look of it!  We also have in-floor radiant heating under that tile because there isn't a register vent in the bathroom.  It works awesome, by the way!

The mirror, the towels, the shower rug, the shower curtain and the cup for their toothbrushes and paste all came from Homegoods!  I totally scored there and the colors went with the wall color that we'd had painted for the last, um, year. :)

 The wire basket by the toilet I scored in the dollar bins (for $3) at Target!  I saw it and knew it'd make a great trash can for the bathroom!  They also had a huge wire basket/bin that would be awesome for their dirty laundry basket but the only one in the store that was left had pink accents. I need to check online and see if I can find a plain one on there.

The boys have been so happy to have their own space and they have done a great job keeping it picked up and clean!  I'm relieved that job is done.  Next up, Phase II of the basement remodel ... well, after my new BIG window goes in!

I do need to sing my husband's praises.  He did EVERYTHING in the bathroom except paint and decorate it.  He's awesome and he worked so hard to get this designed and put together for the boys. Thanks to him for being amazing!


  1. Looks awesome lady, great job!

  2. Whoa - it looks amazing! Andy did some impressive handiwork! I love the colors and all the details! I know this makes you so happy!

  3. Looks very nice. Your hubby did a great job with the cabinet.

  4. It looks great! But I want to see the inside of the shower too! Yes, dorky, I know. But I've remodeled so many dang bathrooms (7 so far) I want to see it all!

  5. BEA-U-TIFUL! Can I borrow your husband?

  6. It turned out so good and so CUTE!! Your mister is SO handy! That built in is so awesome!!

  7. I love it!!! I love the sink, the walls, AND THE FLOOR!!! Insert heart eyes with that flooring! Love it. The built in, what a man!!! You all did a fantastic job!