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What's Up Wednesday || July '16 Edition

The calendar says it's the last Wednesday of the month (how???) so today I'm linking up with Shay and Shaeffer for...

If you haven't played along before just finish the following sentences:

What we're eating this week
NOT fair food!  Man, eating that way all week really messed with my system.  I'm finally feeling normal again but now I need to really clean up my eating so I feel good all the time.  I'm considering trying 21 Day Fix again.  The last time I tried it I didn't even do meal 1.  It was so confusing for me!  Now I have a whole board on Pinterest with 21 Day Fix menus so I should be armed and ready to conquer it!  Wish me luck, it's going to be really really hard for me - I've never dieted or tried changing my way of eating before in my whole life.  I've needed to, just never done it.  I'm also thinking about doing the 3 Day Refresh from Beach Body.  What do you think, yay or nay?

What I'm reminiscing about
This week I'm reminiscing about our move 5 years ago. We've been here in this little town for 5 years already - I can't believe it!  We moved officially July 25th, 2011 - one month before Aiden started Kindergarten.  We knew we wanted to be closer to our hometown and families and when this county engineer job came up Andy went for it.  We live in a small town of about 1200 residents that is 22 miles from our hometown and about 15 miles from the town Andy works in.  Anniversaries always make me reminisce and so much has happened in those 5 years.  

Our family then...

And now!

And a cute throw back to that big day. :)

Speaking of throw backs, here's a short blog post I wrote about our move 5 years ago!

What I'm loving
I'm loving Batiste dry shampoo.  The week before fair I was reading a blog that did a swag swap.  She sent Batiste dry shampoo in her box and said she swears by it.  So while at Target last weekend I grabbed a bottle to try.  It works so great!  It's my new go-to!  I use dry shampoo on days I skip a morning shower, or when I've showered right before bed and my hair air dried overnight - it just gives it a little boost and adds a little texture.  I got the pink bottle based on the blogger's recommendation, it's nice!

What we've been up to
This week we've been trying to decompress from our week at the fair.  Extra sleep, lots of housework and errand running.  Nothing terribly exciting, which is a good thing after our exciting week last week.

What I'm dreading
I'm dreading moving my Grandma out of her house on the farm of 60 years to an apartment in town next month.  She is very excited and ready for this new chapter of her life but I am incredibly sad to say goodbye to my grandparent's home.  It is a heritage farm so it will stay in the family but it won't be Grandma's house anymore.  I stayed there overnight many times growing up and also stayed with her for a whole week every summer for a number of years.  Throw in all the family gatherings there and I'm just so used to that being Grandma's house.  My grandpa died unexpectedly 6 years ago and that was quite an adjustment for our family, just like this will be.  She is moving into an apartment that she owns - they built a 4 unit building back in the 80's and have always planned on moving there when the time was right.  Well, one of the renters decided to move closer to her daughter and since it was opened up Grandma decided the time was right to make her move.  The neat thing about this is this is the same apartment my great grandparents lived in (her in-laws) so it will feel pretty familiar in that way.  Life changes every so often, ready or not.  

What I'm working on
Planning my new flower bed.  We have a 32x4' patch of blackberries along our perimeter fence that doesn't do worth a darn and makes it extremely hard to weed.  I've decided to dig all of those out, get the weeds all pulled, till it up and make it a flower bed.  Initially I was going to make it a butterfly garden but then I realized I had none of my grandma's flowers so was going to incorporate some of them into the bed.  After walking around her flower beds Sunday I decided to take starts from a bunch of her plants and have the entire bed made out of her flowers.  Now that I've seen what she has I am trying to imagine how I'm going to set it all up.  I'm going to look online and see if there is a free garden planner somewhere and work up a plan on there.  This is the before picture - kind of a mess, isn't it?

What I'm excited about
I'm excited about working up that new flower bed!  

What I'm watching/reading
This week I'm trying to catch up on all the Real Housewives episodes I missed last week, plus the Bachelorette.  Uh, hello, LUKE!  Can a guy get any more romantic and sweet and thoughtful than this guy?!? Swoon!  As for reading, this week I've been playing catch up on reading blogs - I missed a lot last week!

What I'm listening to
I've been listening to the Beatles Channel on Pandora in the mornings while the boys are doing their chores and I've been cleaning and doing laundry.

What I'm doing this weekend
Aiden is going to spend all Saturday and Saturday night with my parent's, nephew Charley and niece Nora at my folks' farm and Brennan is going to his friend's birthday party at the pool all afternoon and overnight.  If the weather isn't too humid I hope to work on that new flower bed I'm putting in.  And since we'll be short 2 kids maybe Andy and I will load up the other two and go out to supper after church. It's nice to have a mostly quiet weekend ahead so we can get some things done around the house. 

What I'm looking forward to next month
Back to school everything!  I love love love BTS shopping - all those new pencils, papers, folders, crayons and markers!!!  New shoes!  And then the anticipation of the first day - the first day of school picture,  nerves, excitement, outfit!  I can't wait!  Here's last year's first day picture.

I can't believe these boys will be in 5th and 2nd grades this year!

What else is new
Tenley is starting to cruise along furniture already. She only takes one, maybe two steps but its the start of her walking and I can't believe it's here already.  

Bonus question -
What was your favorite part about summer
My favorite part is how full and busy our summer has been.  It's nice to have some time to relax, and a lot of August will be like that for us, but up until this point we've been on the go quite a bit and it's been fun!  The boys have been in ball, camps, 4-H and hanging with friends at the pool.  Tate, Tenley and I have been outside, going for walks, running errands and playing in the house.  Andy and I had a date night with friends.  It's been a fun summer!  4 weeks from today the boys start school - summer is winding down for us!

Answer the q's and link up!


  1. You will rock 21DF and you will love the Refresh. It gets me going and I have success with it every time I do it. My favorite part of Summer is how busy we are but I hate how fast it goes.

  2. Good luck with the 21DF! I want to hear all about it when you're done.
    Awwww. You pulled on the heartstrings talking about your grandma and her farm. Reminds me so much of my grandparents, their farm, and how sad it was to say goodbye after they both passed away. I hope the move is smooth and the transition easy for you all!
    BTS! That was always THE BEST growing up! Seeing all the fresh school supplies out is so nostalgic!

  3. You go girl with your 21 day fix - that's one thing I haven't tried! LOL! Love that sweet family picture! Awww. I'm happy and sad for your Grandma . . . it's hard to leave those traditions and what seems "right" behind, but you have your wonderful memories and she has a home she's happy about! Much luck to her! Too bad about those blackberries . . . seems like with all that you'd have a bumper crop! I love the idea of a flower bed based on your grandma's plants. Back to school . . . I know you're excited! And I bet they will be ready to see friends and have the structure! You're almost there mama!