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Friday Favorites

After my almost being hacked incident I'm too afraid to find images for today's post so it's going to be a little boring/wordy - sorry about that.

My favorite TV shows this week:
The Bachelor || Hello, is anyone else sick and tired of Lace?  She's a fruitloop and should probably be on medication.  I'm on Team Olivia but also like Caila.  Your thoughts?  And how embarrassing to be told you smell sour!  Also, who wants to run then be sniffed by the bachelor -- what if your 'coot coot' stinks??  He was sniffing awfully close to that region.  No thank you!

Married at First Sight || OMGeee!!! This show is such a hoot.  I make Andy watch it with me and we do nothing but laugh through the whole thing. It is so super uncomfortable and awkward.  This week one of the couples, who have yet to hold hands after being married for 3 week (the half way point), decided to go on a semi-romantic date.  They go up in a huge ferris wheel where the guy half fakes that he's terrified.  It's going great - she's laughing at him for acting so nervous in it and they're having a great time.  Then, as they're coming back down from the top he decides to make his move and attempt their first kiss.  Remember - they've never held hands before!  He has his arm behind her so puts it around her shoulders and says .... bring it in.  Um, excuse me?? Bring it in?? Isn't that what you say to your 'bros' when you're giving them a bro hug??  So, he says "bring it in" and she turns and gives him the cheek.  Bah ha!!!!  Dang, AWKWARD!!!

RHOBH ||  Any other Housewives viewers/fans?  Any other Beverly Hills fans?  I can't decide if I like BH or OC better. BUT!  I am loving the new housewife Erica this season!  Isn't she the coolest?  Gah, she's just so calm and put together.  I really like her, a lot!

Ed ||  Way back in, I don't know, 2004, this little show on NBC called 'Ed' premiered.  It follows a man who moves back to his hometown called Stuckeyville after finding his wife cheating on him with the mailman.  He buys a bowling alley and fate shows him that he is still destined to be a lawyer, something he was planning on giving up after being fired from his law firm.  So, the show follows him as a lawyer who owns a bowling alley. The court cases are always a little quirky, which is fun, and most of the characters are quirky, too.  Add in his high school crush and you have a hit!  At least in my world.  It only lasted 3 or 4 seasons and I was totally crushed when they cancelled it.  Fast forward to 2016 and the UP! channel has picked it up and is running the original episodes!  Holy smokes, I'm so super happy!

Favorite Song this week:
Thomas Rhett's "Die a Happy Man"

Favorite News this week:
Brennan doesn't need glasses!  At least not right now.  Long story short, Brennan is growing so fast right now that his eye muscles are playing catch up.  When you focus on something close up your eye muscles contract, and then when you look up at something farther away they relax.  So, when he looks up at the board his muscles aren't relaxing enough thus having a hard time seeing the board.  His eye doctor is pretty sure he'll grow out of it but we are going back end of February for a re-check just to be sure that's what the problem is.

Favorite Event This Weekend:
Brunch with my girlfriends!  Sometime in 2014 we started going to brunch every other month together.  It has been so much fun and this month's date is Sunday.  We've tried a few different places over the years and have had some really yummy breakfasts (and lots of fun gabbing)!  It's an easy time for all of us to get together since our husbands can stay home with the kids, no one has to work and it's a lazy day so no one's in a hurry to get anywhere (most times).  I can't wait to stuff myself Sunday, ha ha!

Favorite New Recipe this week:
White Chicken Enchiladas || I saw this recipe floating around FB and thought I'd give it a try.  It was a huge hit with the entire family, even Andy who doesn't like sour cream!  Adding it to my rotation for sure!

What were some of your favorites this week?


  1. I just added the enchiladas to next week's menu - sometimes I think the hardest part is coming up with what to make so thank you!

    And I love time with my friends . . . being a wife and mother is amazing, but friends just make life better. We need time away from the family to refresh and recharge so I love that you have a regular brunch date!!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Tim loves my white enchiladas recipe... it is good but not-so-healthy.

  3. I never watch The Bachelor but I'm hooked this season because I have such a girl crush on Becca... love her!! I'm pretty sure after this week's episode that Olivia isn't too far behind Lace on the crazy train... I think that story line will play out that way!

  4. Being told you smell sour on National TV would be awful. Who plans these dates. Being sniffed after running on a treadmill, no thanks. I don't really have a favorite yet. I am bad. I read the spoilers so I know who is going to win and who goes when so I tend to watch those people to see the chemistry. I just love Ben in general though.

    Married at First Sight. I feel so sorry for him. She isn't even trying. You signed up for this show knowing this could potentially happen. Try. He tries so hard with her.

    BH Housewives. Erica is something else. Wild style. Like the life you wish you had when the kids go to bed. Hahaha. Put on your cat suit and get on a stage. Say what you wanna say and not worry about what people think.

    So good to hear about Brennan.

  5. I'm a week behind on Bach, but holy cow, I thought Lace was a whack job on night one! How is she still here? Doesn't Ben see the HUGE red warning flags flying?!!

    I love white chicken enchiladas, and I thought Scott did too because his mom makes them and it seems his whole family raves about them. Then about a year ago he told me he wasn't really fond of them, but he doesn't say anything at his folks because he doesn't want to hurt his mom's feelings. So, those don't get made much around here any more. Sad. :(

    WOOHOO for no glasses as of now! I had glasses at a very early age (6), and I was SO self conscious of them. I'll have to dig up an old picture, it explains a lot. :)