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School's Out For the Summer!

Hey everyone!  Can you believe today at 11:00 my kids start their summer vacation?!?  Kindergarten and 3rd grade, done in a flash!  This year was another fast one.  It doesn’t *feel* like summer, doesn’t *feel* like the end of the school year.  My heart tells me there are still months and months left in this school year but my head says “look at the calendar, dummy!” 

Let’s take a look back at the ‘First Day of School’ picture from this year.

Here is the ‘Last Day of School’ picture I took this morning.

I can see a difference in Brennan, he lost more of his baby look. Sniff! And I notice that Aiden is wearing the same shorts in both pics, :) .

The boys had wonderful teachers this year.  Aiden’s teacher, Miss Hermann, was a first time teacher, freshly graduated last year.  He took to her right away.  I really liked her, too.  She was great to communicate with, one of the most important things in my book for the parent/teacher relationship.  Brennan’s teacher, Mrs. McClenahan, was just as awesome with Brennan as she was with Aiden.  He adored her and is very sad to say goodbye to her.  I adore her and am very say to say goodbye to her.

Our school is having major budget issues (who’s isn’t?) so they have cut teaching positions which means we’ll be having much larger class sizes next year.  It also means we aren’t sure who the boys’ teachers will be – they have made it clear that just because a teacher taught a certain grade this year they aren’t guaranteed that same grade next year.  So, come August we will see. 

Speaking of August, the boys’ first day of 4th and 1st grade will be August 26th.  Wow, that’s less than 3 months away already.  Summer, slow down!!!  What are our plans this summer?  #1, have fun!  #2, we’re taking it one day at a time.  I haven’t signed the boys up for as many day camps this summer, partly because I was being lazy.  They each have a 4 day basketball camp which is next week.  They will both be participating in the county fair in July.  Aiden and Andy are doing a Father/Son basketball camp that the Iowa Men’s basketball team puts on every summer. That’s a Friday/Saturday deal middle of June (we are beyond excited about this one!).  Swim lessons. Fun swimming and lazy afternoons at the pool.  A trip to a zoo *somewhere* this summer (the somewhere is still up in the air).  Bren wants to go golfing and stay the night at Papa and Grandma Jean’s all by himself sometime.  Aiden just wants to get together with his friends whenever he can.  Tate and I are just planning on holding on for dear life and hoping we make it to the end of the summer in one piece. I do know that Tate will love having his big brothers around so much for the next 3 months.

Cheers to a great summer!

Missed you all,
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  1. You make the most handsome little boys Erin!!