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Brennan’s 6th Birthday Party


Saturday we had Brennie’s birthday party.  We went the snacks route and again, it was a big success!  My favorite ‘course’ is the appetizer course so doing this means I get to make some yummy dips and snacks.  I made Chili Dip, meatballs in BBQ sauce, Jalapeno Poppers (my all time favorite appetizer!) and had some celery and carrot chips to round things out. 


Instead of a birthday cake Bren requested pie for his birthday.  A-ok with me!  He asked for Cherry and Apple Pies and I threw in my personal favorite, too – Pumpkin!  I don’t think anyone missed the cake, I sure didn’t!  Bren is funny about cake – he always asks for some and then only takes one or two bites of it.  I guess he’s just not a cake fan.  (Who’s kid is this?)


When we were discussing which pie he was going to eat at his party we decided he should have a slim slice of each one.  He was all over that!

Side story: Aiden eats his slice of pie like you would a slice of pizza – picks it up and takes a bite!  Crazy kid!

Tate had his first few bits of pie and, well, even though his eyes don’t show how much he enjoyed it I think his face does!


After we all stuffed ourselves it was present time!  We gave Bren his gift on his birthday, which was a RED fishing pole and a tackle box full of fishing tackle.  He was very excited with all of this, but out of all the stuff in his box he was most excited about the multi-tool and stringer line, ha ha!

From others he was given 4 Lego sets, one of which was a tractor and planter set.  That was pretty cool!  We started putting it together that night. 


This guy was all about the Lego sets, too.  He was carrying them all over the rest of the night.  He’d put them down to point at something and say “oh!” 


I guess that means we have many more years of Legos in our future!

Bren had a great birthday and party!  Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate our guy with us! 



  1. Looks like it was a great birthday!
    Parker only eats the frosting off the cake so next year, he's getting a can of frosting with a candle sticking out of it :)

  2. I love Tate's face with the pie. How cute!! And I love the idea of pie over cake. That's what my BIL and SIL did for their wedding. A million different pies.

  3. Those pies look awesome. Looks like Bren got a lot of Legos, those are Carter's fav's too.

  4. Love the 'snacks' and pie! Ha!
    I'm with Brennan. I'm really picky with what kind of cake I like, and I'm not a fan of frosting at all. But ice cream cake? I'll eat that all day long. :) I never thought to go the pie route, but one of these birthdays I just might have to follow suit.
    Looks like the perfect day for your little man!

  5. Looks like he had a wonderful birthday party! Snacks and appetizers are the way to go.

  6. It looks like he had a great party! I'm completely a snacks and appetizers type of person. I do that for almost every party. Happy Birthday, Brennan!