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A Blog-worthy Weekend

Wow, this past weekend was one for the record books! 

Saturday morning I met a dear, sweet friend of mine in town and we hit up all of the Christmas Open Houses at the gift shops uptown.  Another good friend of mine was having a sale of the Christmas decorations she no longer wanted.  Sounds kind of strange when I put it like that, but seriously, she was selling GOOD STUFF and it was priced to sell!  I got 2 Santas for $25.  One is 30" tall, the other 24".  The 30" one would have been $50 or more in a store and I scored it for $13!!!  She has country Christmas type of stuff, some primitive - loved it all! Could have bought the whole place out!  It was a great first stop for us. 

After we hit up all the other stores we stopped for lunch.  It was such a great girls morning, we gabbed, gossiped and caught up.  Sadly Jenny is moving away this week so we won't have our girl dates anymore.  We used to meet up for supper every so often just to get out of the house and catch up, that won't be happening anymore.  :(  I might have shed a few tears on the way home that afternoon.

Sunday we had our first Thanksgiving Dinner.  It was very untraditional, we had soups, but they were yummy and the company was great.  We didn't stick around long because we had to get home to take advantage of the great weather and get our yard work done.  I had wanted to go out and rake leaves two weeks ago but it just didn't happen. Since then we've had a few windy days and they were out of the north, which was to our advantage because it meant most of those leaves blew out of our yard!  So we raked up what had collected in the flower beds, hauled those to the mulch pile our city has.  Then we put away the summer toys from the garage and moved the snow blower and shovels in.  I pulled out the dead plants from my planters and took the cushions off the patio furniture and stacked all of those up.  Swept out the garage, blew off and winterized the lawn mower, got the snow blower running... it was so great to get everything done and the weather couldn't have been better for it!  Highs in the 50's, a slight breeze - only needed heavy sweatshirts to work outside!  I should say, I didn't do all of that list by myself!  The boys and Andy were working along side me the whole time.  Thought I'd better throw that out there!

Sunday night we had our favorite cheesy hamburger dip and watched football.  Da' Bears got a major butt kicking and I'm worried they're going to can Trestman (our coach).  I really like the poor guy, hope he doesn't get the ax because the Bears play like crap.  It was about as sad as watching the Hawkeyes get stomped Saturday.  Womp womp.

So like I said, it was a great weekend! Productive and we had time to play.  What more can you ask for?    We were all together and it was awesome!

Today starts my 2nd trimester. Say what?!?  The first trimester went so fast because I didn't know I was pregnant until I was 8 weeks along, I highly recommend that! :)  My next OB appointment is next week, excited to hear the baby's heartbeat!  Hoping they schedule my 20 week Ultrasound then too so I can get that on my calendar.

Today Mr. Tate is 9 months old!  I'll have his 9 month update up this week.  He's been busy this past month!  Time to start planning his first birthday party!

Have a great day and an awesome week!  Don't forget to thank a Veteran tomorrow for their sacrifices!

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  1. I'm going to need to know more about this cheeseburger dip! Sounds yummy. :)

  2. Your weekend was full and sounds like it was all sorts of awesome (minus both football teams not doing so hot).
    Seriously, how are you already thinking of a 1st birthday AND 2nd trimester? Eep!

  3. I cannot believe that a)Tate is 9 months already and b)you are in your 2nd trimester. Time is flying by!

  4. I loved our Saturday was the perfect morning :)

  5. Sounds like a busy, but fun, weekend.