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Aiden’s Big Ride


Last week on Monday night I got a phone call from our little town’s local volunteer fire department letting me know that Aiden had won a coloring contest for Fire Prevention Week.  The big prize for winning this contest was getting a ride to school the next morning in the fire truck!  Holy smokes, to say he was excited doesn’t even come close to describing how he felt!  (Or how I felt!)

Once they got to school all of the kids were standing outside waiting for the 2 fire trucks that each had 3 kids in them.  As the kids got off the trucks they announced their names and the whole school cheered for each kid.  I was so lucky to be there for that, I had goose bumps and tears in my eyes!  It was really so cool.  I feel so fortunate to live in this little town that does this for our kids. 


Now go practice your escape plan with your kids, and if you don’t have one make one!



  1. HOW COOL IS THIS?!!! What an awesome experience for Aiden (and you too)!!

  2. This is amazing!!! What an awesome idea!

  3. How fun! I once won a coloring contest when I was younger but all I got was a stuffed bear. Not very cool compared to riding in a fire truck!

  4. That's so awesome for him!