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Baby Brain

Thursday, it’s only Thursday!  As Brennan said this morning, “Only 4 more days till the baby comes!”  but it feels like Monday (Induction Day) is eon’s away!  I’m trying to keep myself as busy as possible so the time flies and I don’t have time to sit and worry myself into being sick, because that’s what I do.  I’ll worry so much about something that I’ll be sick to my stomach.  I am trying not to do that to myself with this, thus finding stuff to do around here.  There’s plenty to do, it’s just a matter of motivating myself to do it.

Tuesday I cleaned like a mad woman.  I am worried I will go into labor in the middle of the night and someone will have to come over and stay with the boys, I would hate for the house to be a mess or dirty so I went nuts and clean clean cleaned.  It felt good to do all of that that day, I somehow had a ton of energy that afternoon and felt good so was able to work hard.

Wednesday I didn’t get a ton done but I did finally get the Valentine’s made for the boys.  I got a kleenex box spray painted white for Brennan so today he can decorate it for his class Valentine exchange.  I had big plans to organize my pantry, somehow it got way out of whack, but instead I took a nap.  I have tried to not nap this week so I sleep better at night but it’s not working so yesterday I said ‘the heck with it’ and laid down and slept for an hour in the afternoon. It felt so good … until I woke up and felt even more tired than before I laid down.  I hate that about long naps! 

Today I am going to tackle the pantry, clean the bathroom counter again – those boys sure do know how to make a mess of it with their toothpaste!  I am planning on walking on the treadmill, although I’ve said that the last 2 days (well, last 4 months actually).  I’ll see what else I can find to do with my time. 

Did I mention the ordeal I had with the crib I ordered?  I can’t remember and am too lazy to go back and look in my recent posts, so if I did ignore part of this but read the second part because that is new!  Okay, so I ordered the crib online about 2 weeks ago.  I got a call from UPS the day it was to be delivered that the box was damaged – so damaged the hardware had fallen out (although they found it and stuffed it back in) and they could tell there was damage to the wood part of the crib.  They wanted to know if I wanted it sent back.  Yes, definitely.  So I called WalMart and told them I wanted a replacement crib sent.  Ok, on it’s way.  Tuesday my doorbell rings and I know it’s the UPS guy before I answer the door because I was so excited that the crib was coming that day!  I open the door and he’s empty handed.  He comes in and tells me that this box, too, is damaged and that there’s a chunk of the wood gone.  He goes out to his truck and grabs the crib and brings it in and yes, there is a massive chunk of wood gone.  After we talk it over a bit I decide to keep the crib and contact the company to get a replacement part.  I tried contacting them yesterday via email as their answering service said to do and so far I have heard nada.  I’m getting irritated.  Luckily I have the cradle for Baby to sleep in when it gets home from the hospital, but I really don’t want to be dealing with this after the baby is here.  I’m hoping they get back to me today or this 12-month-pregnant-hormonal bitch lady is going to get crabby!

One thing we got checked off our list titled “Things To Do Before Baby” was to get our taxes done.  Did that last night, signed the docs and we’re all done and set.  Glad to have that done and out of the way. 

I am sorry my recent posts are so heavy on baby stuff.  It’s all I have on the brain these days.  Next week after Baby is here I’ll put up a quick post introducing the tiddler then who knows when I’ll post again.  Bear with me, please!  I’ll get back to regular posting, I promise!



  1. I think we will all understand if we don't hear from you for a few weeks. :) You have a good excuse!!! I am so excited about Monday!!! I'm glad you've been feeling good enough to get some things done and I really hope this crib situation sorts itself out!

  2. I would be a bit worried about you if you didn't have baby on the brain so much!
    Between all cleaning, and organizing, and prepping, be sure you're getting some good rest (and long naps, too) in!

  3. I am amazed at how productive you are at 9 months pregnant!!! You are making me tired with all the stuff you are doing. Make sure you rest as much as you can though. Monday will be here before you know it.

  4. Lord have mercy. Sounds like you are nesting. And that is ridic about the crib

  5. Don't be sorry about writing about baby!! We all love to hear about it!
    So, did you get your stuff done? And did little Brennie wake up this morning saying only 2 more days?! Two days, can you believe it!!!!

  6. Ummm - please tell me you got this piece replaced by now? Such a let down!!!!