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My New Year’s Rant

Does anyone else dread the end of the year?  I can’t stand the thought that another year is gone and we are that much closer to the end.  End of what?  IDK, our life? The world?  Whatever it is, I hate it.  (Am I getting too deep here?)

I hated celebrating New Years Eve growing up.  I remember one year, I was probably 7 or 8, I went to stay the night at a friend’s house.  She had an older sister who had a friend over too.  They were hell bent on staying up and ringing in the new year.  I, on the other hand, was ready to pass out and miss the whole thing at about 9:00.  So in it came, and I was devastated!  They were all hooting and hollering and whooping it up and I was in the bathroom crying because another year was gone for good. 

Every year I try to catch “The Year That Was” segment at the end of the evening news. It is so damn depressing!  Yea, they might show a few good things that happened, but really its all clips of death, destruction and all the celebrities that passed away that year.  Ugh, where’s my box of tissues?  But I’m a gluten for punishment and watch it every.damn.year.

And now they keep advertising all the year end shows.  Like Barbara Walter’s “The Most Influential People of 2012”, “The Year In Review” on GAC, etc, etc, etc.  Ugh, the tears I will shed!!!  Why must the constantly remind me the end is near?

One more story of how awful New Years is for me.  About 8 years ago we went out with another couple and a single guy.  We started the night by hitting up Carlos O’Kelly’s and stuffed ourselves silly.  The single guy had Pasta Diablo (you’ll want to remember that for later in the story).  Then we went to this little hole in the wall bar in a tiny little town and they all drank themselves silly.  I didn’t drink, I was the DD.  So around about 2 a.m. we decided we needed to leave (they were all smoked so it was definitely time to leave).  We head out to the car and realize the single guy is not with us.  After finally finding him inside and wrestling him outside he breaks away from us again and we find out just how trashed he really is.  Back in one guy goes to find a trash bag from the bar so the single guy has somewhere to get sick (we’re driving my car, btw).  So I drive, single guy up front by me and the other 3 in the back.

We get on the road and dippy-do starts heaving into the trash bag.  I DO NOT handle vomit AT ALL.  So down my window goes, never mind it’s about 10 below zero that night.  So I’m flying down the interstate at 68mph with my head hanging out the window, singly guy puking up his guts (and the rum and coke, and the Pasta Diablo) and the 3 in the back huddling together because they are so cold.  We get to the house and I bail.  The guys help Mr So-Drunk-I-Can’t-Walk into the house and then come back out to get the bag of puke.  Guess what – there was a hole in the bag!!!  They decide to wait till the morning to clean it up. 

Remember when I said it was below zero that night?  Well, vomit freezes.  And it did, right to the carpet of my car floor.  My husband used an ice scrapper to pick at it and break up the chunks and clean it up.  My car smelled like rum and Pasta Diablo for months after that.  So that’s another reason I don’t like New Years Eve.

So, how do I celebrate now?  I sleep right on through it.  Yep, I’m a party pooper!  We go to bed around 11 (have to watch New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, after all) and get a good night’s sleep and wake up on the first day of the new year feeling just fine.  Honestly, I don’t understand why anyone wants to start the new year feeling so crappy! 

So that’s my bitch-fest about New Year’s Eve.  Hope I didn’t make any enemies!

And now for where Dynamite landed last night.


I guess Aiden won’t be playing his DS today! Ha ha, sneaky Mom (and Elf)!

I’m home with a sick little Brenner Bug today.  He has the stomach flu.  So far so good, keeping my fingers crossed I won’t have to do anymore flu laundry!

Have a great day! Tomorrow’s Friday!!!



  1. OMG hilarious - I am so over 2012. Crazy year with too much weird stuff happening - so ready for 2013. We usually make a good big dinner, play with the kids, and watch the ball drop... BUT this year I want to at least go out to dinner as a COUPLE and enjoy it and see what happens after that;)

  2. AHH that Pasta Diablo story almost makes me sick!

    I'm not a huge fan of New Year's for a different reason...yes I like to go to bed early so do not care about staying up to watch "the ball drop", which is really just a huge light-up thing that slowly descends down a pole. Also, I don't understand why everyone always thinks the New Year will be sooo different. To me, New Year's Day is just another day, and I have to remember to write 2013 instead of 2012 each time I write a date :(

    So yeah, not excited.

  3. I'm with you on that NYE thing! I think it's overrated and always have anxiety over the year ending. I don't know why I just do! It's not like much changes, it's just another day. Who knows. Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't really enjoy it. :)