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County Fair Time!

This week is our county's fair.  I love fair time!  I was in 4-H from 4th grade all the way through 12th.  My sister and I weren't allowed to show livestock so I stuck to Photography, Home Ec, Gardening and Clothing.  Things are a little different at our fairgrounds these days, but it still feels like the fair to me. 

My niece joined 4-H this year (a 6th grader) and took Photography and is showing their pet dog, Lucy.  We went to see her run the agility course last night, and in her class she took Reserve Grand Champion!  We are so proud of her and excited that she did so well her first year.  It was HOT out there and those dogs didn't want to run and perform.  The kids took their time, tried out their patience and gave a good show.  Then we had my favorite for supper: Sloppy Joe Dinner at the Y's Men booth!  Mmm!  After supper we walked through the exhibits then headed over to the grandstand for the tractor pull.  I told Andy how nuts people in, say, California would think we are for sitting watching a tractor pull a weight, but man was it fun!  I love it, I get so excited when they have a full pull!

Unlike when I was a kid we won't be going every night this week.  We are going back Friday night for the Demo Derby.  Kind of trashy but those sure are fun to watch, too! 

And in true fair week form, it's hotter than heck!  You get either the heat or the rain, and we couldn't be lucky enough to get the rain we so desperately need this week so the heat it is!

Do you attend your county fair?


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  1. Hey we have tractor pulls in California too! :) Sounds like a fun night minus the heat!