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High Five For Friday! (H54F!)

I am linking up with Laruen's blog "From My Grey Desk" and starting a High Five For Friday (H54F) list.  I love this idea, it helps reflect on the good things from your past week. This will evolve for me, I hope, and become more interesting for you, I hope, over time.  (i.e. I will hopefully add pics in weeks to come when I am more prepared for this.)  So, here goes!


1. Aiden had 2 full days of Vacation Bible School this week.  It was great for all of us.  It gave him 2 full days of 'kid' time and it gave Bren and me 2 full days of Pea Pod time (we are 2 peas in a pod).  The theme this year was about Daniel in Babylon.  They went to the 'market' and 'bought' things, learned to play some musical instruments (guitar!) and made small crafts.  Both days he was exhausted when he came home, it was so great for him!

2.  MY HUSBAND CAME HOME!!!  He was getting certified to be a bridge inspector this week over 2 hrs away so he stayed in a hotel for the week.  This was his second week to be gone for this.  The first week we went to stay the night and play in the hotel pool but this week we couldn't work it out between tball and VBS.  We all missed him like crazy and are so glad we're all back together again!

3. Even though it's not Saturday yet, I have to include this in this week's H54F.  Aiden turns 6 Saturday!  I can't believe my little guy is 6 years old!  He's 1/3 of the way though living at home, isn't that weird?  So for his big day he is having his 4 best buddies over for some water fun.  It's supposed to be 90+ degrees Saturday so we'll be outside playing with water.  I have a few water games for them to play, plus we'll rig up the good ol' sprinkler and slip-n-slide for them.  Should be a fun afternoon.  And Sunday our family will come over for supper to celebrate.  What a great weekend this will be!

4.  I canned 17 pints of green beans!  I love harvesting my garden.  "And they'll taste so good this winter!"  ;)  < ------ wink!

5.  TBall finished up.  Not sure if I should consider this a 'high five' type of thing, but it was a big event in our lives this week.  I can't believe how much the kids improved in 4 short weeks/games.  Aiden had an awesome game, he really knocked the stuffin' out of those balls!  He even knocked one over the fence (yes, it was a foul ball but still!!)!  I think baseball is going to be his game.  Or football.  Or both.  He just loves sports all around, as long as he's playing he's happy.

Happy Friday to all and have a great weekend!


  1. I always forget pictures for my H54F posts too so you aren't alone.
    Also so funny your husband is going to be inspecting bridges, I work at a place that does that, random!

    1. @Meredith -- my husband is a county engineer so he decided it'd be a good idea to have that certification. Small world! Thanks for the comment, you're my first! P.S. I love your blog! :)